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Slipcover for Oversized Armless Sofa

Slipcover for Oversized Armless Sofa

Fits 86"-109" long seating. See Step 2 for details.

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Regular price $169.00
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How to measure? Just click on beside the headers for instructions

Need more options? Go to the last step and provide custom details

What's in the picture?

A preview of your slipcover.

Complete the questions in the first step in less than a minute to get the preview for your furniture piece.

Though the displayed furniture model isn’t an exact replica of yours, it should give you a good idea of the fit and how it maintains the original shape. Our covers fit various shapes - be it square, round, thin, thick or any other.

Keep in mind:

  • The covers fit snugly under the frame and don’t drape to the floor.
  • Not all menu choices change the preview image.
  • Custom Details, if specified in the last step, won’t reflect in the preview but will be included in the final product.

About & Details

Tailored specifically to your furniture, yet versatile, our slipcovers are made of durable Premium Stretch Chenille fabric to make life a little bit more worry-free. Perfect for those seeking the best look a non-full-custom cover can get.

  • Sewn according to your measurements to match your furniture's size and main shapes
  • Can be used on similar furniture types with measurements not exceeding +/-15% of the provided
  • Made of stretch fabric that's close to Chenille with a luxurious velvet effect
  • Cushion covers for each separate cushion included
  • Each cushionless furniture piece gets free high-quality Tucking Enhancers to secure the slipcover in place
  • Option to choose different base and cushion colors
  • Machine-washable

To build your slipcover, please complete the steps above.

Material & Care

Soft and smooth with a luxurious feel, our covers are made of Premium Stretch Chenille, which is a knit elastic fabric with contents of 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex.


  • Chenille texture with a velvet effect
  • Highly adaptable to different shapes
  • Extra durable among stretch fabrics (heavier by 60% than most stretch slipcover fabrics)
  • Easy to clean and low on static

Care: machine wash cold, gentle cycle, wash separately, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron

Shipping & Returns


  • Free Shipping to any US state for orders over $175
  • Time from order to delivery is usually 12-20 days


This is a made-to-order product, which means

  • In case of honest mistakes in measurements or a change of mind about the order that has been shipped, we offer 50% Store Credit refunds, excluding actual full cost of shipping
  • In case of product defects or significant errors in fit caused by us, we offer a free replacement or repair credit
  • Since the order would contain unique items, we're unable to accept returns and issue cash refunds

We'd like you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we encourage you to request Fabric Swatches from us, which are delivered within a week and made from the same batch of fabric that we currently offer.

Finally, we suggest looking at an example of one of our slipcovers to get a very good idea what to expect from the product.

Is this a custom slipcover?

Yes and no. It's something that can be called "tailored stretch" or "semi-custom" slipcover - a made-to-order product that can be used on a range of same furniture type (i.e. sofa, chair, etc.) within +/-15% of your measurements.

How it's similar to custom covers:

  • It's made to order according to your measurements for your furniture piece
  • The fit is almost custom - follows the original furniture shape well with no excessive or lacking fabric

How it's different from custom covers:

  • No need to take 30-50 measurements, tens of photos and spend a week on back-and-forth emails, usually its around 5-7 measurements for most furniture pieces and that's it
  • Universal like a ready-made stretch cover: within +/- 15% of the measurements provided to keep a reasonably good fit
  • Does not follow every single seam position as in the original upholstery and does not lay flat in every 90 degree corner (but close to it)
  • Mix-and-match different colors
  • Almost twice cheaper for anything other than IKEA models
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Handles All Designs

Why You'll Love It

A truly balanced slipcover that combines a clean appearance, versatility and simplicity. Change the feel of your place with precision, ease and style.

Fits just right

A slipcover made just for your furniture piece produces a clean and tailored appearance. Unlike ready-made products, it's not a hit or miss

Easy in every way

One of the fastest to put on and take off, no need to answer 50 questions to place an order, almost no bounds to use with different shapes

Gives more for less

No need to break the bank to make a tailored cover for your unique furniture piece compared to custom covers

Inspiration from our customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robin S.
So happy

Transformed our wornout loveseat into a centerpiece with this amazing slipcover. Surprisingly convenient to install!

John P.
Suprisingly great fit

Something that fit my weird sofa well. Great purchase

Alfred S.
Almost as expected

Good slipcover, but expected a richer color based on the online images. Looks great though.

Ava J.

got this cover and its totaly changed how the lounge looks! had a bit of trouble puting it on but now its looks amazing. really happy with this!

Sophia D.

Purchased this slipcover for our guest room sofa and it's good. The fabric is durable yet comfy and it complements the room's decor decently.

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