At Homeleon, we believe that slipcovers can make the world (or at least living rooms) better

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We believe self-expression shouldn't be dictated by one's budget or leasing agreement. You can make any place feel like home using your own unique style.

You should be able to easily change the look of the decor centerpiece of the room (the sofa) without paying a fortune, waiting an eternity for something custom, or settling for something of questionable quality. Homeleon slipcovers are here to fix that and a bit more.

At its core, it's a love story (between us and couches!)

Our story revolves around a couple and a sofa. It started with a date when He was extra anxious that She would spill wine on his landlord's furniture. Then came another night when She was laying down on that same sofa buying decor on Etsy to make his mancave-no-longer more livable. Eventually came the day when They started Homeleon, again on that couch, to finally have a place to call Home (and save the sofa, of course!)

Our Approach

Pretty, easy to makeover one's home

Before Homeleon, we had to choose between flimsy hair-magnet ill-fitting covers or paying over $500 for anything decent. We chose not to compromise. Our slipcovers are made out of durable upholstery-like materials with covers for every major piece - all for less than half the price of going custom. Using them is just as effective as painting the walls.

Using Slipcovers, as Easy as Putting on Socks

We know what a pain sofa covers can be - tucking, fixing those folds. That's why we spent a year redesigning the whole experience. Now we're proud of the way slipcovers look, feel, and make life easier.


Finding the right mood to decorate your home can be challenging. You could blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but why not discover a new vibe instead?

Go ahead and keep the good energy flowing by matching different colors and patterns of your room with our ready-made slipcover sets.

Finally something the stars can agree on.

Why slipcovers are a conscious decision

Less Waste

Throwing out your 220+ lb. couch is not in any way sustainable, especially taking into account its long-lasting wooden and steel parts.

Our Slipcovers Last

Durable fabric means longer life of the slipcover = fewer purchases = less resources spent on production.

Our Packaging is Recyclable

All of our packaging is recyclable. Simply dispose of it in a place that supports recycling to ensure zero-waste.

We're here to help

Don't know what's the best slipcover and color choice? Use our Free Professional Interior Design Service to get the top 3 picks!