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This sofa is over 20 years old and has been mangled by cats, but it is so sturdy and comfortable I haven’t wanted to give it up. Now I don’t have to! I have used other stretchy slip covers but none compare to this one. I’m looking forward to the day you offer covers for chairs and perhaps something that would work for my English Roll Arm sofa. Would also appreciate more neutral color options. Until then, I’m happy with my “new” sofa!

Ingenious & economical

I have a nice 82 inch sofa in good condition I simply wanted to cover to give the living a different look for a while. It has two back pillows and two seat pillows. After checking out options, only the Homeleon had a novel approach to covering the sofa base plus each of the pillows individually, and it was at a good price and in the right colors. I chose white. Each covering has stays if you need them - I did not - and the material is stretchy and soft. The sofa looks good and the covers stay put. This was a wise purchase.


This slipcover has transformed our family room. Color is great, fabric is so nice and soft, and it doesn't attract hair at all. Love it, a great investment!


The slipcovers are decent but they take effort to get the right look. We thought that it was just something you install and it works. Unfortunately, you need to move them around and secure the bottom part which takes time and patience. We wanted to return them but support helped us smooth things out

Bought these in two colors. They match very well with our interior and give an artsy feel that we wanted. Great mix.

Solid covers!

Love these! Great color and materials. Well worth the money. I hope they hold up and last.


FINALLY a slipcover that stays in place

Love the texture

Real chenille. Just how I like it


These covers are wonderful. Great blue color but would really love to get a green one too

Just as advertised

We bought a yellow slipcover set for our mid-century sofa and it looks just like on the website. Great product!

Finally a decent cover

It fits and looks great and it's also free of any kind of hair! I've tried many covers and material really matters. Absolutely worth it.

Great concept but a bit difficult to install


Very nice material. The laces at the bottom help improve the look A LOT. Fits and protects the sofa well.


We're thrilled with how our couch looks now. The slipcovers are perfect size. We are very pleased with our purchase

Never buying a slipcover from Amazon again

Love the quality and look of this slipcover!! No issues so far, the color is nice.

Just right

This slipcover is the perfect fit for our sofa. Very easy to set up, good looking design and it doesn’t slip at all.

Expectations not met

Didn't fit our couch!


Great job! These slipcovers don't just protect but they enhance the feel of the couch.

Cool covers

There soft and smooth and I soooo love the design. Definitely worth the purchase.

Sofa Slipcover Set

The white set matches the room well, feels great


Smooth, comfortable, beautiful!

Perfect FIT

So far I am happy with my purchase. Looks very neat and makes a great impression overall

Too long to install

It took me about 30 minutes to install it by myself. The result is nice but it's just too much effort

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