Terms and Conditions

This shall comprise the Terms and Conditions of Homeleon, LLC, a Wyoming Limited Liability Company and its services regarding the provision and use of Homeleon, LLC’s services. It is made by and between Homeleon, LLC and you, hereinafter referred to as “Customer”.

1. About

1.1. Homeleon, LLC proudly sells home textile accessories and items related to such accessories.

2. Intellectual Properties

2.1. All accessories, marks, copyrights, and trade secrets are wholly owned by Homeleon, LLC and subject to a limited license for the limited use and enjoyment of the Customer.

2.2. Marketing, monetization, or other exploitation of the Homeleon, LLC brand, image, or product is strictly forbidden and Homeleon, LLC reserves the absolute right to pursue trespassers against its marks.

3. Customer Accounts

3.1. At your discretion you may create an account with Homeleon, LLC via an email signup. This account will signify your acceptance of our marketing materials, advertisements, and other activities in promoting Homeleon, LLC products.

3.2. You may opt out of such activities at your discretion.

3.3. Your account will be terminated in the event you determine to request such termination or you breach these terms and conditions.

4. Purchases and Returns

4.1. All items are shown pre-tax. Homeleon, LLC will charge taxes when your home state has requested vendors do so.

4.2. Homeleon, LLC processes all purchases through ‘Stripe’ through various credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as detailed on the applicable payment screen. You are encouraged to review the Stripe Privacy Policy to know your rights and responsibilities for the use of your personal information.

4.3. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return the product as per our Return Policy. If an item is on Clearance Sale (25% discount or more), then all sales are final, i.e. not eligible for a return.

5. Limited License

5.1. Homeleon, LLC grants you a limited, nontransferable license to access to the website for personal and non-commercial use, subject to your compliance with the Terms.

5.2. This limited license does not allow you to: (i) resell or make any commercial use of the website or any of the contents of the website; (ii) make any derivative use of the website or its contents; (iii) modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or convert into human readable form any of the contents of the website not intended to be so read, including using or directly viewing the underlying HTML or other code from the website except as displayed in a web browser; (iv) copy, imitate, mirror, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display, perform, post or transmit any of the contents of the website in any form or by any means; (v) use any data mining, bots, spiders, automated tools or similar data gathering and extraction methods on the contents of the website or to collect any information from the website or any other user of the website; (vi) use the Marks without our express written consent; or (vii) use any meta tags or any other “hidden text” utilizing our name or the Marks without our express written consent.

5.3. All rights not expressly granted to you in the Terms are reserved and retained by Homeleon, LLC or our licensors, suppliers, rightsholders or other content providers.

6. Notices

6.1. Any notices that must be provided by us to you will be sent via email and be deemed accepted 48 business hours after sending such email to the address you provide to us.

6.2. Notices to us may be sent either by email to hi@homeleon.com or by mail to 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200, Sheridan, WY 82801. You may consider an email message received after 48 business hours and a mailing to have been received 7 business days after sending, presuming it is sent first class business mail.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1. In no event shall Homeleon, LLC be liable for any harm, mishap, damages, or for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind in connection with its products, whether alleged as a breach of contract or tortious conduct, including negligence, even if a party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

7.2. Homeleon, LLC asserts that Customer accepts full for its actions, activities, and decisions. Customer is fully liable for any and all claims they raise, misrepresentations, or damages they suffer.

7.3. The fullest extent possible and permitted under Wyoming and federal law, the maximum liability for any claim against Homeleon, LLC shall not exceed $100.00 when it is any claim arising from the usage of the Website, Services, or Products of Homeleon, LLC.

8. Dispute

8.1. In the instance of a dispute, the parties shall engage in good faith discussion and negotiation.

8.2. Should the foregoing negotiations fail, the parties irrevocably agree that the dispute shall be resolved by binding mediation before the American Arbitration Association, under the most applicable rules in effect from such Association.

8.3. The arbitration shall be held before one mutually agreed upon arbitrator and the decision shall be binding upon the parties.

8.4. The arbitrator may award limited damages, no more than 10 times the amount of the Customer’s most recent purchase.

8.5. The arbitrator may award reasonable attorney fees.

9. Governing Law

9.1. The law governing these Terms shall be the laws of the State of Wyoming, regardless of an conflict of laws principles or statute.

10. Modification

10.1. These Terms may be modified from time to time on an as-needed basis. When modified, a notice will be displayed for 48 hours at the top of the Homeleon, LLC homepage.

11. Severability

11.1. Should any term within these Terms be found to be unenforceable or illegal the term shall be treated as though it were never a part of these Terms and the remaining terms shall have full weight and effect.

12. Of the Age of Majority

12.1. This website and the Homeleon, LLC products, are meant for the purchase, use, and enjoyment of those who are over the age of 18. Any account created by a minor will be deleted unless it was created with the express permission of the minor’s legal guardian or parent, monitored by such legal entity, and full and complete liability for the actions and purchases of the minor are assumed by the legal guardian or parent.

13. Entirety of the Agreement

13.1. The foregoing terms and conditions are the entirety of the Homeleon, LLC terms and conditions. No representation, warranty, or claim shall be considered a part of these terms unless specifically incorporated herein.