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Fabric Swatches - Custom Colors

Fabric Swatches - Custom Colors

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Soft and smooth with a luxurious feel - this is Premium Stretch Chenille - a knit elastic fabric with contents of 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex. The custom color is layered onto a white base fabric.

The Swatch Pack includes up to nine colors of your choice.

How it works:

  1. Pick the colors from our sample palette and enter the numbers in the fields below
  2. Send us your own colors:
    - use our tool to select the colors and get the HEX codes 
    - send us a photo/image of the desired colors with a note (tick the box after the input fields below)

Note: the actual color based on HEX, RGB or CMYK codes might be not be a 100% match, although very close, due to minor manufacturing constraints. We will do our best to produce the color you've chosen. 


  • Chenille texture with a velvet effect
  • Highly adaptable to different shapes
  • Extra durable among stretch fabrics (heavier by 60% than most stretch slipcover fabrics)
  • Easy to clean and low on static

How it's different from the Essential Color line

  • The color of choice is transferred onto white fabric base
  • White underside - safe for light-colored furniture no matter which color you choose
  • Slightly less colorfast, although still at a high standard

Shipping times

7-14 days

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