Blessing for perfectionists

on a budget

A Slipcover Set

We offer not just a slipcover, but a universal, yet customizable Slipcover Set to bring premium sofa features at a fraction of the cost

A single set includes slipcovers for a sofa/loveseat frame and every single cushion
Upgraded Fit & Materials

Our Sets have you *covered*.

We understand how badly you want to avoid the unnecessary re-tucking and that thin-cheap-static material the market is overflowing with. No worries! Enjoy our newest designs made of soft and durable fabrics 

Just like upholstery Chenille

A Change Closer

to What’s

Truly Yours

Love doesn't always happen at first sight. Every relationship goes through periods of boredom and it's no different with you and your couch. No matter the reason, Homeleon slips will add the spice needed for a long lasting romance.

Couches don’t lie.

Keep it silent.

Adulting is no fantasy. Personalizing a home can seem like a nightmare, especially when the tacky, old couch doesn’t match with your latest Pinterest board.

Thankfully, we have the solution to tame that monster.

No place like your comfort zone

Finding the right mood to decorate your home can be challenging. You could blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but why not discover a new vibe instead?

We’re selling the best sofa slipcovers as sets so you can always freshen up your space without stretching your wallet with new furniture. Contrary to most mass market couch covers, ours actually fit close to perfection no matter the difference in shapes. Go ahead and keep the good energy flowing by matching different colors and patterns of your room with our ready-made slipcover sets.

Finally something the stars can agree on.

Thanks, your choice is saved! 

Let us help you

What kinds of furniture are your slipcovers for?

We offer sofa covers and loveseat covers, each as multi-piece sets. As for the sectionals, chairs, recliners and other furniture - good things take time and we hope to introduce them soon! 

When will the sales begin?

Very soon! We've only got a couple of weeks to do some last-minute tweaks and then the sales shall begin. Stay tuned!

What will be the price of your slipcover sets?

We're bending over backwards to ensure we bring you great quality at the most reasonable price. Our Sets range from $169 to $199 with no discounts applied 

Is that a lot for a Slipcover Set that looks and feels good, isn't a lint-magnet, changes the vibe of your room, survives different couches in different apartments or houses and saves a fortune by relieving the need to buy a new couch? You decide

Will you sell parts separately and are there any restrictions on couch shapes and cushions?

While we’ve tried creating a truly universal solution without compromising in the way the slipcover set would fit your furniture, we believe that you should not consider slipcovers, if your sofa doesn’t have arms or any cushions

We won’t sell cushion parts separately at the beginning, but we do plan on introducing this option later

What sizes do the sets fit?

Couch: 75’’-100’’ from the widest point of the arm of the couch to the opposite arm

Loveseat: 56’’-74’’ from the widest point of the arm of the loveseat to the opposite arm

If you’re at in the range of 73’’ to 76’’, then choose a loveseat slipcover set to get a very tight look, or a couch slipcover set to just get the right look and the ability to use it on other couches when you move


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