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Picking out a new slipcover can seem like a nightmare. You either have to sacrifice the look of your couch or drain your bank account. Quite a monstrous situation, huh? We know how to slay it.

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Why Homeleon slipcovers?

Best Fit Among Stretch Covers

We combine custom with versatility: our slipcovers are tailored down to your specific furniture piece - no-hit-or-miss fit, yet retaining the versatility of a stretch product.

Quality Materials

Heavy, yet thin, Stretch Chenille is here to give your sofa a pleasant and premium look.

Enhanced Protection

Durable, machine washable, and low on static.

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How to Get the Best Look from a Slipcover
Making a slipcover look like it’s from an ad sure is a challenge. Making it look nice all the time is a whole other thing. We’ve been there and so we wrote a guide on what to do about it.
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How to Buy a Slipcover That Suits Your Lifestyle and Needs
A slipcover is something that totally changes the look of your biggest piece of furniture and hence the feel of the room. Better do it right. Our post is here to help you with that.
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Are Different Sofa Shapes a Problem for Slipcovers?
There are thousands of couch types. Consider chesterfield or mid-century frame with box or trapezoid cushions, t-cushions, roll or track arms? And that’s far from all. Yet you only need one slipcover to fit the majority of these types. Find...
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How Much Do Slipcovers Cost? The Nitty-Gritty
Why pay more for custom covers than for ready-made slipcovers? Maybe even go for reupholstery? Read our guide to find out.
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I’m SO happy that I went for it. This sofa cover turned out to be simply AMAZING – my room is now popping!

Very delighted with the way the set adds flavor to the room. Fits very well and the fabric is perfect

I love my new slipcover and I'm happy that I went for something unique and in a bold color mix!

... Looks even better in person than in the photos. The colors are very pretty and stylish. LOVE the look from every corner

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