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Couches don’t lie. Keep it silent.

Adulting is no fantasy. Personalizing a home can seem like a nightmare, especially when the tacky, old couch doesn’t match your Pinterest board. Thankfully, we have the solution to tame that monster.

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Why Homeleon?

Improved Fit

We made sure that every piece of your sofa is covered separately to give you a look to be proud of. No more lumpy-chunky sofa and loveseat covers.

Quality Materials

Our slipcovers are made of durable, yet soft-to-the-touch fabrics that closely resemble upholstery chenille. They are very low static too, keeping hair from sticking to furniture.

Trendy and Truly Yours

Experience the magic of assembling your own Slipcover Set from our trendy color selection to brighten up your couch and space.

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Slipcover Set

Ready to experiment and build something new and exciting?

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How to Buy a Slipcover That Suits Your Lifestyle and Needs
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Are Different Sofa Shapes a Problem for Slipcovers?
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How Much Do Slipcovers Cost? The Nitty-Gritty
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Homeleon slipcover set ideally fits our leather couch, even though it's 20 years old. Beautiful and easy way to refresh a living room for the springtime.

Wine & pizza nights have never been more careless now that I know I can easily clean the party stains off. Good times, no consequences, love it!

Good quality, easy to install, neat look, made by my kiddo. What more could I have asked for? No joke.

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