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Slipcover for Oversized Sofa

Slipcover for Oversized Sofa

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A Stretch Slipcover custom-made to your measurements

Works with all shapes, sizes and cushion layouts

While the picture you see is not an exact replica of your furniture piece, rest assured that our slipcovers work with all shapes and sizes - rectangular, rounded, thick, thin, long, short and more. That's all thanks to the stretch in the fabric.

About & Details

Tailored specifically to your furniture, yet versatile, our slipcovers are made of durable Premium Stretch Chenille fabric to make life a little bit more worry-free. Perfect for those seeking the best look a non-full-custom cover can get.

  • Sewn according to your measurements to match your furniture's size and main shapes
  • Can be used on similar furniture types with measurements not exceeding +/-15% of the provided
  • The covers fit snugly under the frame and don’t drape to the floor
  • Made of stretch fabric that's close to Chenille with a luxurious velve