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Get Your Style Inspiration
Explore what slipcovers can add to the Interior Design Trends of 2023.
We hope that this gives you great ideas for changing up your place! 



Minimalistic All-white

All things white. Heaven defined by Pinterest Gods. A convenient must-have ruling the home décor blogosphere. Hygge in its purest. That’s how we can describe the Scandinavian design trend. As basic (in the best sense) as it is, this style may be the most playful. Like a canvas for a painting, white surroundings invite their owners to try new things and fill the space with as many decorations as possible. We love it! And we can certainly say that yellow accents (like a yellow couch cover, of course) make any white room better, like the sun does on a winter day in Stockholm. But if you’d like to keep things simple, white or light grey colors are also appealing. And doesn’t the fact that the slipcover is machine-washable make your heart melt? Your couch. Always white.


Hip Boho

A little Bali never harmed nobody. Nature is what brings us peace and helps us strike against the never-ending anxiety. This trend is perfect for both nomads and all of us longing for vacays for months. And, okay, why would anyone mind a gorgeous succulent friend? Or a rattan mirror? You can go all greenhouse chic, but why not enhance your room with other colors of the wild? Deep Blue as in the deep-sea? Yellow as in a bright yellow sunrise? Black like volcano rocks? Or maybe a mix of them all? Would you like a sofa that brings you closer to nature?



The industrial style has been thriving for the last 15 years. Thanks to Hollywood, it’s safe to say there was a time when almost every second person was secretly dreaming of a DUMBO loft wall. The style definitely has its pros and cons, and its advantages are what we are personally keen on. It’s less maintenance and basically, any furniture that you want to place there would stay in line. As long as the walls, windows and lightning are similar to those used at the factories, the industrial style would be pretty much consistent.

However, there’s one thing that does make a difference. If you want your space to have this dashing look & feel, the seating must correspond. Let’s put it this way, a granny’s couch simply won’t do. And an old torn leather sofa might if you wanted to point out that this is a retired rockstar's shed. For more sophisticated versions of industrial interiors, have a look at our gorgeous slipcover set ideas. How about black or grey? Strict, practical and speaks for itself.


Memphis or Danish Pastel Postmodern

The 70s had its comeback at the end of 2019, but luckily the trend has not just stopped there. Modern Memphis-style bliss brings the most vivid and ecstatic ideas back to our everyday life. Exactly what everybody’s pandemic bore needs. In times of partying solely online, a mix of bright colors at home is what sets the mood and the perfect background. Pinterest is full of brilliant ideas, but they all require spending a ton and making huge investments in this direction (think of drywalling an arch! Lots of $$$). Searching for designer-rounded chairs and shelving is a hard task, and a cool new monoplaid blanket does not really serve the look of an iconic living room. However, that’s UNDOUBTEDLY a task for a slipcover set. With Homeleon mix-and-match customization it’s easy to try and make things bold for a while. And then change the color again. Blue & black or black & yellow or even blue & yellow will do an exquisite job. (btw, it's our Slipcover Set in Mustard on the pic!)


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