Which Slipcovers Stay in Place?

Posted by the Homeleon Team

Which Slipcovers Stay in Place?

When selecting a sofa cover, it’s essential not only to highlight the style of your interior but also to ensure its practicality and ease of use. The main goal is to find a cover that will reliably stay in place, without slipping or sliding down. Let’s consider the key points that will help make the right choice, taking into account the material of the sofa, as well as the size and shape of the cover.


Choosing Based on the Sofa Material

  • Fabric sofas generally provide better grip for covers. This means the cover will be less likely to slip and will stay in place better thanks to the texture of the fabric.

  • Leather sofas require a special approach since their smooth surface can promote the slipping of the cover. A solution can be to choose covers with silicone pads or other fixation elements that help the cover stay in place.



The Importance of Size and Shape of the Cover

The cover should fit your sofa perfectly:

  • Custom-made covers offer the opportunity to achieve an ideal fit, as they are made considering the specific dimensions and shape of your sofa. This ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also the stability of the cover.

  • Universal covers are an accessible option and can suit a variety of sofa models. It is important to carefully select the size to minimize the risk of slipping and fabric bunching.



Methods of Fixing the Cover

To improve the stability of the cover, various methods of securing it can be used:

  • Adjustable elements, straps, and fastenings allow adapting the cover to the specific features of the sofa, ensuring a tighter fit and preventing it from slipping down.

  • Fixators and special strips increase the grip of the cover on the sofa surface, which is especially important for leather models. 


When choosing a cover, it's worth paying attention to the combination of aesthetics and functionality. A correctly chosen cover will not only decorate your sofa but also ensure the convenience of its use, maintaining an attractive appearance and comfort for many years.