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Product information

What’s in the Slipcover Set

The Set to purchase is what you choose in the Customize menu above. The 3D preview shows you how it will approximately look on your sofa. In fact, the exact sofa model doesn't matter, as our slipcovers are stretchy and shape independent. Once added to the cart, you will see all the components (with count and quirky color names) of the Set there:

Base Cover
Cushion Covers

To get a sense of how it looks in real life, check out our photos too!

Measurements & Dimensions

Sofa (any model) Width Range: 75” to 100”
Max Sofa Height: 40”
Cushion Width Range: 20” to 80”
Shipping box dimensions: 19”x14”x4”

If unsure, read our measuring guide.

Loveseat (56"-68") Slipcover Sets are here.

Our Materials

Made from a knit elastic fabric with added weight, our Slipcover sets are easy to clean, low static, and extra durable so your room makeover will last a long time!

  • Soft and smooth chenille texture for maximum comfort
  • Knit for longevity to save you time and money
  • Sixty percent heavier than other slipcovers for improved durability
  • Composition optimized for performance and great fit, 93% polyester & 7% spandex

Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges

We understand it can be tough to find the perfect balance in home decor. To give you peace of mind, you can exchange any item in the set completely free. If you change your mind about your purchase, you can also return your order.

Free Shipping

Free Standard Shipping in the 48 Contiguous States. Priority Mail for AK and HI, fees apply.
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Easy Returns

We have a 30-day return policy: make sure your items are eligible and message us.
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Free Exchanges

Changed your mind? Exchange items for free in the 48 states. Fees for AK and HI apply.
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Compatible Cushion Shapes

Our Cushion Covers fit just about any shape and size. In most cases all you need to know is how many detachable cushions you've got in a single row. It gets a bit tricky with bottom T-cushions though, as you must watch their length for things to work:

  • Single cushion (up to 80" long including the t-bit)
  • Two cushions (each up to 40" long including the t-bit)
  • Three cushions (the cushion with the t-bit should be up to 25" long)

Otherwise, be it box cushions, diamondback or top t-cushions - everything can be covered. You just need to know your sofa's dimensions and make sure its not too small or too big.

Why you‘ll connect with our Slipcovers

We want slipcovers to become a major centerpiece of a home makeover, so that’s why we at Homeleon redesigned everything from the ground up. Our slipcovers not only protect your furniture from parties or active pets, but they can change the feel and style of your room whether you want to spice it up or calm it down. Customize the look of any sofa all on your own terms.


Our Slipcover Set will sit nice and tight on your sofa. There is much less constant tucking, bulging and endlessly adjusting the slipcover, as people usually did – it will just fit thanks to our product design.


Touching our Slipcovers will feel just like new upholstery – soft, smooth and pleasant, unlike regular ones that are very electrostatic and feel a bit rough and synthetic. And don’t think going soft means less durability. In fact, it’s the opposite, due to different fabric construction methods and weight.


Our differences with common couch covers don't stop there. We know that you're keen on interior design. That's why we've chosen trendy colors and given you the ability to customize and get your own premium sofa look for much less than the cost of new furniture.

Inspiration from our team

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I got this slipcover for my couch in the living room and it looks even better in person than in the photos. The colors are very pretty and stylish. LOVE the look from every corner! The material has a nice smooth feel to it and the couch is actually more comfortable than it was before. No dirt or hair collected after a week of use too. Definitely recommend!


Loving so many things about my slipcover set. I have always wanted a white couch but never went for it as it is so easy to mess it up and hard to clean after. But now I do have one! I only wish that it were easier to tie the strings at the bottom… installing the slipcover sure was a bit of a workout…

Not bad

First time not disappointed by a slipcover.

Love it!

Very delighted with the way the set adds flavor to the room. Fits very well and the fabric is perfect!

Simply great!

I had used slipcovers mostly to shield my couch from chaos, but then I thought why not use it as a décor piece too? It wasn’t easy, as the stuff I had bought before worked ok to keep the couch clean underneath, but it looked very messy with the covers on. Each time I had used them only for a couple of weeks until they got on my nerves for attracting dirt and hair, and just not staying put. Eventually, after a loooong search I stumbled upon homeleon.

Their aesthetics really clicked with me, and perks like making cute color combos and low maintenance got me excited too. I’m SO happy that I went for it. This sofa cover turned out to be simply AMAZING – my room is now popping! The fabric is awesome too – very smooth, soft, yet thick and sturdy. It took me about 20 minutes to set it up by myself, which is not that quick, but I didn’t need to fix it since then. Anyway, I must say it’s totally worth it!

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