New Stock is Almost Here

We're only weeks away from launching our new stretch slipcover offering that will cover almost any type of furniture and size: sofas, armchairs, bumper sectionals, ottomans and many more - be they small, normal or oversized with short, tall or no arms at all.

Cover Any Type of Upholstered Furniture

XL Sofas, Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Regular Sectional Sofas, Bumper Sectional Sofas, Box and T-Cushions and many many more

Revamped Color Selection

We'll begin with a color selection appropriate for any setting with an introduction of new shades and colors of the season every month or two

Custom Size Orders

Simply provide us with a few measurements and we'll create a custom-sized stretch cover just for you - at a significantly lower cost than a fully custom-made slipcover

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Customer Reviews

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This is great!

I definitely recommend this product- it saved me $2K getting my mid mod style couch recovered! My cat destroyed my old couch and this is a great solve. Love the fabric, too! It’s a little loose, but overall looks really nice! And is a great solution to an otherwise costly alternative! Would recommend!

Kelsey Jones
Great alternative to buying a new couch

Great product! Having a base cover plus cushion covers makes it feel like a new couch. Wish they sold small covers for the side cushions for mid century modern couches.

Great Quality, Great Customer Service

These are the best couch covers I've bought, and I've tired alot! I have 3 cats, a dog, and a toddler that have destroyed my couch. These covers are great. I love that they aren't the cheap waffle texture. They are smooth, soft, and sturdy. The seem to hid hair, stains well so far and I was able to remove a stain from setting. For normal sized couches, I'd imagine they fit Great. I guess I have uniquely sized couches. The one cushion sized cushion covers were too large for my single cushion love seat, and the large 2 cushion base cover was too small for my large couch. However, customer service was great and exchanged my large cushion covers for mediums. Unfortunately, they are still in the works of making an extra large couch cover, so they couldn't help me there. But they still offered me to return my couch cover and wait for the new ones. I opted to keep it and buy the bigger one once available, since it mostly fits besides the the bottoms.

Alison Wagner
High-quality fabric, gorgeous color

I'm really pleased with my purchase! I look forward to Homeleon expanding their range. I would love to buy smaller cushion covers separately from the back cover. Thank you!

Blue Sofa Slipcover

The fabric is very nice and a pretty, bright blue. The individual cushions are quite large for my cushions. I'll have to "tweak" the back cushion to make it fit better. I used the straps to tighten it but it is still too big. Overall the base fits well. Clara is very helpful. I wish there were more fabric choices and a few more ways to customize but better than the covers on Amazon.

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