How to Measure for a Slipcover

and how to determine if you have a Sofa or Loveseat or another type with our guide below

Express Method

As a rule of thumb, measure the number of adults that can reasonably fit on the furniture at the same time


Seats one adult


Seats two adults


Seats three adults

Large Sofa

Seats four or more adults

The Accurate Method

If you are unsure how many people fit seated on your piece of furniture, you can also measure by following the steps below:
Take a measuring tape
Step in front of your furniture
Find the leftmost point on the arm
Hold the tape fast creating a straight line going across the sofa to the rightmost point of the furniture arm
This distance is the needed measurement
Here are the typical furniture types and widths


Up to 43" long


44"-62" long


75"-100" long

Large Sofa

Over 100" long

This is more of an introduction to understanding the fit. Please use the Fit Assessment tool in the Measurements & Dimensions section on the Product pages.

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What about measuring the cushions?

How does the Slipcover set handle different cushion shapes?

It handles them fine, but there are size limits of course. Please use the Second Step of our Fit Assessment tool to get a clear answer.

How do your slipcovers work?

Visit our How it works page to get the full picture.