Couches don’t lie. Keep it silent.

Adulting is no fantasy. Personalizing a home can seem like a nightmare, especially when the old couch doesn’t match your Pinterest board. Getting a new one is just too much hassle. Wouldn't it be awesome to just wave a wand and change the color of your furniture?

Show me the magic

Imagine the bliss if you could just change the cover

Stand out with a slipcover that fits in

Especially with the one that's easy to use

Homeleon Slipcovers? Why?

Can be truly yours

Get the freedom in your home decor. Use a slipcover to change the color of your furniture as you desire.

Stay on trend

Just when you're done with your decor set, a new theme comes out? Small things are easy to change, but the central one, i.e. the couch? Not so much. Keep things simple with a slipcover.

Quick and affordable

Less than $200 and a week of shipping, 20 minutes of installing and your furniture upgrade is complete.

It's simple to cover up in style

It's even easier when our Interior Design team assists you with that. Find out how your couch will look like. Get top three slipcover color picks from pros absolutely free!


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The Fascinating History of Slipcovers
From Ancient Egypt with leather nailed to wooden frames, to fancy Victorian English Slipcovers and Plastic Covers of the 50s, coming to the abundance of sofa cover styles today – there’s a rich history to explore.
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Homeleon slipcover set ideally fits our leather couch, even though it's 20 years old. Beautiful and easy way to refresh a living room for the springtime.

Wine & pizza nights have never been more careless now that I know I can easily clean the party stains off. Good times, no consequences, love it!

Good quality, easy to install, neat look, made by my kiddo. What more could I have asked for? No joke.

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