Fit Tips

Basic and effective tips for making your slipcover looks its best

The foundation of

a good look

Mind the colors

They are a very powerful way to get a new look for your room.

a) Try to use main interior design color matching techniques

  • 60-30-10
  • Color Wheel
  • Use three colors

b) Change colors according to the seasons and holidays.

Treat with care

Follow the Care Guide and your Slipcover Set will last a very long time.

Make sure your Slipcover fits well

Look at the Troubleshooting Guide to see a full list of possible issues. Below are a few quick fixes in case you've encountered an issue. (See the Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to install your slipcover set.)

Quick Fit Tips for the Base

Step One

Double check that seams are placed as symmetrically as possible on the sofa arms.

Step Two

Got wrinkles or waves on the arms of your sofa? Go to the back corner of the couch, roll up the slipcover generously at the bottom (start with 5 rolls) and pull it down.

Step Three

Having any of these issues:

  • Fabric waves or bulges at the back of the sofa?
  • Looking for a neater look at the bottom edge?
  • Slipcover is a bit short?

Use the laces that came with your Slipcover set. Turn your sofa on its side or back. Find the small loops around the bottom perimeter of the slipcover and fasten the opposite sides together. This should help solve the above problems.

Quick Fit Tips for the Cushions

Step One

Double check the seams of the cushion sides. They should either be aligned with the top edge of the cushion or be in the middle of the cushion's thick side.

Step Two

If there is excess fabric (especially on the top cushions), use the strips inside the cushions (found on the inside of the case at the top and the bottom). Stuff the excess fabric in the back pocket of the case.

Step three

In case you have odd-shaped cushions (See what kinds of cushions exist here), no problem, the cover will work just as with a box cushion. However, sometimes you need to make sure the cover's longest side corresponds to the longest side of the cushion.

Please note that while Cushion Covers easily fit box-type cushions, the bottom T-Cushions are a bit tricky.

We strongly advise you to use our Cushion Cover Fit Calculator before you purchase to make sure the fit is right.