About us

Slipcovers have always been a thing but never truly appreciated until now. Some people associate them with the pieces of pure plastic (oh God!) they used to see on their grandma's favorite couch or the couch “dress” that’s always loose. It’s an outdated concept but we’re here to fix that.

At Homeleon, we believe that modern slipcovers can make the world (or at least living rooms) better.

Why buy new furniture when you’re really just tired of seeing the same old walls? Or inexorably empty the shelves with decor to get the desired home feeling?

Don’t you think that’s quite a big no-no for sustainable living?

We are proving that even long-lasting solutions can still make a statement when more attention is paid to details.

We’re offering trendy style, refined fit, and a passion for efficiency with our ready-made sofa covers.