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Are these the only models that your slipcover works with?

No, our slipcovers are stretchy and work with any frame or cushion styles, as long as one row of cushions is detachable. So, all the categories above are given just as a visual example. The same Slipcover Set can be used on all four sofa models and more, if the cushion size of those models is about the same. Otherwise, only the sofa base cover can be easily used on any other sofa and you'd need extra cushion cases of a different size.

Do you sell only sofa slipcovers, what about covers for other furniture?

We also sell slipcovers for loveseats. Models for other furniture are coming soon.

If you're looking for sectional slipcovers, we'll introduce them in a few months. In fact, if you're already interested, we can give you a 30% off super early bird discount. All you have to do is send us an email to with the subject "Sectional Slipcover Set" and it's yours!

Can I pick my own color combo?

Absolutely! Just proceed to the Sofa Slipcover Set page and choose the desired options.

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